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About Electronic Health Records System

CareConnext® is a technology platform that helps hospitals to integrate electronic health record (EHR) systems that are critical to the healthcare reform and improvement of quality and cost of care. Medicare/Medicaid launched EHR program that offers financial incentives to hospitals that meet program requirements and penalizes those that do not. CareConnext® enables the hospitals to qualify for EHR program 4 times faster and at a fraction of a cost than any alternative.

Old EMRs/EHRs/PACs or other systems may be running on proprietary software, old Operating Systems, Anti-Virus and Server hardware that could crash and lose records or may be a data security breach risk. Losing records can cause HIPAA Fines and penalties as well as being embarrassing to your organization. The Ancillary facilities and Physician Practices purchased may not be completely under the Hospitals systems IT control can magnify the issue. We can take the records out of proprietary systems and put them on virtualized servers in an open standards format so you don’t have to worry about hardware failures. CareConnext can provide Medical Records Migration Services into your existing archive solution. We can also provide Medical Records Archiving software.

We can assist with old EMRs, Financial Systems, Obstetrics, PACS, Radiology, and other ancillary systems. Migrate and archive into a new system today!

CareConnext takes the guess work out of compliance with fully HIPAA compliant, cyber insured processes (request demo).

We offer free unmodified back ups on entire systems in use and a 45 day migration delivery.
We are on our way to saving hundreds of thousands in support contracts (request demo).

Pay a flat, one-time investment that will allow you to easily migrate your data. Instead of migrating to your current system, keep the system clean by archiving the old records to our HIPAA-compliant Care Connext Record Viewer (request demo).

No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. 

Archiving and Migrating systems to a secure technology with us will help you with numerous hospital’s IT, management and legal teams. Overlooked Legacy hospital and Physician Practice systems that have to be kept running for records retention are potentially an easy target. The healthcare industry is now spending $8 Billion annually on security breach remediation (request demo).

We Have Proprietary Systems Experts for Each Vendor (i.e. GE, Philips, McKesson, etc.). A proprietary systems expert visiting a facility is rather costly. For this reason, we seek the country looking for tenured systems experts that work side by side with our leading developers to ensure only the highest quality results. This equates to time and budget savings for all our happy customers (request demo).

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